The Templars are independent, apolitical and are committed to uphold the constitution and the statutes of Canada and its provinces. The order does not participate in politics, and expects its members to exhibit full compliance in their obligations to Canada.

Being ecumenical, it welcomes all Christians of all denominations whose personal values of Faith, Hope and Charity will inspire them to serve others. An incentive leading a Templar to pursue charitable endeavours is the Biblical decree: “I must preach  the Kingdom of God to other cities also, for therefore am I sent.” A Templar will never overlook that we all have obligations to one another.

Membership is by invitation only, selecting members is based on good character, personal and civil accomplishments, and a demonstrated commitment to the ideals of the Order. A candidate’s involvement in other charitable, military, religious or loyal societies provides a means of assessing a person’s eligibility, as does his or her professional and social accomplishments. The order selects only those men and women who deport themselves in an honorable and chivalrous manner which will be committed to the order’s ideals and who are ecumenical in thought.

Membership in the Order is extended to all Christian men and women on a basis of strict equality, and having equal rights, opportunities and responsibilities.

Sponsor for any candidate must be active members of a Priory or Commandery.